Hi, I'm Meriç!


I am a designer at LinkedIn and also an alum of Carnegie Mellon University. Previously, I was an interaction design intern at Carbon Health SF.

I have a multi-faceted design background. After starting my career as an industrial designer in an early-stage mechatronics startup, I returned my alma mater and worked as a communication designer. Through contract work, I delivered digital experiences. Prior CMU, I worked as a user researcher in an autonomy/technology-adoption focused industry project.

Now, I'm transitioning to interaction design. As a designer, my goal is to empower people by making technology more approachable and accessible. I'm the happiest if my team delivers a successful solution with real-life impact.

Feel free to connect with me via email or LinkedIn.

Recent Recognition

Mentee — Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)

One of 30 students of Gen. Design Program Cycle V '18

IBM Watson Prize — Emirates ML & AI Hackathon ‘17

Designed “EM: A Conversational Travel Companion”

Works Shortlisted — Interaction Awards ‘18 by IxDA

”Future Voices” and “Project Sheeperd”

$1,000 Thesis Grant — kynamatrix Research Network ‘18

Thesis Proposal: “Designing ‘Trustworthy’ Interactions for Opening the Black Box of Autonomous Agents”

Participated — Google SPAN Pittsburgh 2017

Assisted a Product Demo: “Dranimate by Ali Momeni”

To give back to the community, I've been sharing photos on Unsplash since October 2017. Surprisingly, they've been viewed +12.5 million and downloaded +50k times in five months. Besides photography, I enjoy discovering music and creating playlists on Spotify.

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