Hello! I'm Meriç 🔊

I am an interaction design masters student at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating May 2018. Last summer, I interned at Carbon Health SF.

I have a multi-faceted design background. I started as an industrial designer in an early-stage startup. Then I returned my alma mater and worked as a communication designer for three years. At the same time, I did contract work and delivered digital experiences. Prior CMU, I also worked as a researcher in an autonomy and tech-adoption focused industry project.

Now, I'm transitioning to interaction design. As a designer, my goal is to empower people by making technology more approachable and accessible. I'm the happiest if my team delivers a successful solution with real-life impact.

Feel free to connect with me via email or LinkedIn.

Also, to give back to the community, I've been sharing photos on Unsplash since October 2017. Surprisingly, they've been viewed +10 million and downloaded +40k times in five months. Besides photography, I enjoy discovering music and creating playlists on Spotify.

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